Creo Process

How we create your cabinetry

Our 5,000 square feet workshop is based in Shaftesbury, just 2½ hours from London. We are big enough to take on a wide range of challenging projects, yet small enough to ensure you always get the personalised service you are looking for.

We have our own spray shop, ensuring finishing can be done in-house – from the initial sketches, drawings and plans to the finished product, ready to be delivered and installed as desired.

Do you have technical drawings available?

We can work with those, reviewing and discussing them with you to gain a full understanding of the requirements of your project. We will then compile a full proposal for your consideration.

Once approved, we will put together a production timeline for delivery. You will always know what stage we are at and when your cabinetry will be ready for delivery and installation.

No drawings? We can help

Some clients know what they need and have measurements, but they have yet to produce any scale drawings. In this case, we will discuss in detail your furniture requirements and prepare a proposal, upon your approval, we will produce scale drawings for your review, comment and discussion.

When you are completely happy, we will move forward with a detailed production timeline prior to making your furniture.

Still at the ideas stage?

Creo can help here too. We can bring our experience to you. We can visit your site, whether at home or on a building site or in a commercial building, and work with you to create a comprehensive, all-inclusive list of your requirements.

We will take measurements and make sure we have all the information we need to work on your project. You can let us know what finishes you have in mind, and we will incorporate those into our plans.

Once we have all the information we need, we will compile a full proposal which will also cover third party items, such as glass, furniture fittings, metal works, fabrics and so on. Upon your approval, we will compile detailed scale drawings depicting your requirements. Whatever you need, we can source it and include it at the relevant stage of the process, and you will be kept informed throughout the project.

When our plans and drawings are completed, we will review them with you. This ensures every single requirement you have is catered for. We will not begin creating your cabinetry until you are completely happy with the plans and everything is exactly as you want it.

: 01747 852137

From concept to completion

As you can see, Creo is far more than just a bespoke cabinet maker. You could say we are in the business of turning ideas and dreams into tangible objects.  Our remit is, quite simply, to create what you desire. Whether you have been inspired by an image or piece of furniture, or have your own idea or concept, we will work with you to make it happen.

Our skilled craftsmen in our workshop and on-site will translate your plans into reality. We also work closely with other artisan trades. We use experienced upholsterers and metal workers among others, who handle the relevant parts of your project with care and dedication.

The finish of your furniture will also be handled in-house. Our spray shop has access to a full range of colour options and finishes. You can choose the appropriate level of sheen as you desire, to create just the finish you want. We can fume material, we have access to oils and stains that can be used to create the perfect finish you have in mind.

Approve samples before work begins

We understand how important it is to you to have confidence in our work. That is why we work closely with you at every stage. That way, when you see your furniture for the first time, you are guaranteed to be delighted with the finish.

To this end, we can put together a selection of samples for you to choose from in the planning stages. Maybe you have a particular shade in mind for an oiled or stained finish. We will provide a selection of samples to choose from, so the finished item looks exactly how you want it to look. If we do not know how to achieve a particular finish then we will find out how to achieve that appearance, we will then prepare samples for our discussion and your approval.

With a team of dedicated craftsmen in our workshop and on-site, and proven methods for delivering outstanding results, you can see why others have chosen Creo Cabinet Makers. We hope you will choose us too.